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Bookkeeping Services

We always look for new ideas, explore various spheres, and apply a positive approach.


You don't need to bother with your routine bookkeeping services because you can entrust this boring job to experienced professionals from G. Loizou Financial Fitness. Each member of our expert team continuously improves his skills to stay well-informed of the latest accounting law changes and serve clients with maximum attention and efficiency.
Our range of accounting services includes complex tax calculations and payroll administration. We start with a free face-to-face consultation with clients to understand their individual or business requirements and deliver the highest level of service.

| Tax Consultants|

Tax Consultants

We provide a wide range of services to meet even the most daring requirements.


It is extremely important to stay one step ahead and be competent in tax calculations. Our professional accountants can conduct a detailed analysis to determine the appropriate tax structure/strategy for your business. These detailed reviews can allow you to reduce taxes. G. Loizou Financial Fitness will offer you expert tax advice that can:

    Minimise your tax liability;
    Optimise your tax position;
    Teach you about the available relief, tax losses, and deferment opportunities;
    Ensure you do not fall short of any CTSA deadlines and file your returns correctly on your behalf, thus avoiding penalties;
    Represent you with the tax authorities.

| Payroll Services |

Payroll Services

Payroll is an essential part of any business, and we help to manage it efficiently.


Payroll services are not the main aspect of business activity, yet one of the essential elements of your business! You can entrust us with this difficult work so that you save your time and energy to focus on your business. We ensure the timely execution of all payroll services.Our specialists will assist you with the following areas:

    Staff turnover;
    Code number changes;
    Personalised and standard payslips;
    Taxable benefits and P11Ds;
    Pension schemes;
    Student loan recovery;
    Administration of PAYE, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, etc.
    WFTC and DPTC;
    SMP, SPP, SSP, and SAP.

| VAT Services |

VAT Services

VAT calculations remain one of the most complicated tasks for most business owners. We make it easier.


VAT is a territory that many companies fear to enter because of its ever-changing nature and complexity. G.Loizou Financial Fitness has a highly qualified team which can support you in all issues related to HMRC and offer comprehensive legal help, as well as precise calculation and timely payments. We offer:

    Value Added Tax registration;
    Value Added Tax planning and administration;
    Filing VAT returns;
    Use of the most appropriate scheme;
    Value Added Tax control and Reconciliation;
    Professional representation in disputes with HMRC and at VAT tribunals.

| Business Start-Ups |

VAT Submission Services

Experience seamless VAT submissions through personalized consultations, expert knowledge, timely compliance, technology integration, and ongoing support.


G.Loizou Financial Fitness offers comprehensive assistance in VAT submissions through personalized guidance, ensuring clients navigate complex tax regulations seamlessly.

    Personalized advice for unique business circumstances, optimizing VAT strategies.
    Experienced tax professionals ensure up-to-date expertise, minimizing errors in VAT compliance.
    Timely Compliance
    Cutting-edge financial technology streamlines VAT processes for enhanced efficiency.
    Clients receive continual guidance, staying informed about evolving VAT regulations for proactive financial planning.

| General Practitioners |

Social Inssurance Services

G.Loizou Financial Fitness ensures seamless assistance in Social Insurance Services through personalized consultations, expert knowledge, and ongoing support.


Our tailored consultations guide clients through Social Insurance Services, leveraging the expertise of our tax professionals for optimized outcomes. Timely compliance is emphasized, avoiding complications, and our integration of cutting-edge technology streamlines processes, ensuring efficiency. Ongoing support is a cornerstone, providing continual guidance for proactive financial planning amidst evolving Social Insurance regulations.

    Personalized advice for navigating Social Insurance Services based on individual client needs.
    Leveraging a team of experienced professionals for up-to-date expertise in Social Insurance regulations.
    Emphasizing prompt adherence to Social Insurance requirements to prevent issues and maintain compliance.
    Utilizing advanced financial technology to streamline and optimize Social Insurance processes.
    Continuous guidance and support throughout the Social

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Don't Bother Yourself with Accounting Reports!

Better contact experienced specialists that offer accounting services.

G. Loizou Financial Fitness is a reliable accounting company providing all the necessary services for our clients worldwide. Whenever you need financial or accounting advisory, feel free to contact us in any convenient way.

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